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Clarity Aligners

3M, who has made braces for over 50 years and invented things like Band aides and Post-it notes, recently created their own brand of clear aligners.  Clarity aligners are a series of clear plastic aligners that are typically changed every week and create pressure on teeth allowing them to slowly move.  They work just similar to other brands of clear aligners such as Invisalign and allow customizable prescriptions for our patients.   We are proud to offer multiple brands of clear aligners for our patients depending on their goals, budgets, and time.  During your complementary consultation with East Tennessee Orthodontics we will go over our recommended treatment options to give you the smile you’ve always desired.


Unlike some at-home treatments these clear aligners are closely directed by an orthodontist’s prescription. They are meant to correct not only the alignment of teeth but help correct our patient’s bites.  They work best using prescribed attachments (clear tooth filling material glued to teeth to allow the aligners to grip the teeth better) and IPR (polishing between teeth to create room for crowded teeth) when needed. You can be confident in the results.

Let Your Smile Shine

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