If you’re worried about whether your teenager finds you cool anymore don’t worry, at least you can take them to a cool place to get their braces.  We know most teens don’t get excited about much, but East Tennessee Orthodontics was built around being a fun and energetic experience.  We love interacting with our teenage patients whether in the office or over social media and our doctor is just cool enough for your teen.  We can’t promise that we can convince them that you are still cool, but we will take the best care of them possible and give you a few minutes to relax during their appointments.


We offer the following treatment options for our teenage patients:


Good Ol’ Braces   

Metal braces and wires with colored ties changed every visit.


Clear Braces 

Transparent braces with white painted or metal wires.  These can still have colored ties that really pop.


Invisalign Teen

For those that just can’t bear the thought of braces.  These are a series of clear plastic removable trays that move teeth a little at a time and are changed out every week or two.

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