Oh happy day.  Your braces just came off and you can’t wait to take a bite of an apple again.  You were so excited and busy taking selfies that you forgot everything we told you about your retainers.  No worries, here are the highlights:


  • Wear them full time unless eating or brushing your teeth until told to only wear at night
  • When you take them out to brush, clean your retainers by brushing them or soak them in Retainer Brite or Efferdent Fresh Guard solutions.  Retainers build up crud just like your teeth do and will get grimy in no time if not cleaned properly.
  • When eating, never put them in a napkin or put them on your tray or plate.  They will get thrown away and nobody likes dumpster diving to look for a lost retainer
  • Keep them away from your dog and cat.  They don’t make a good chew toy because they only last for one chew before they are no good.
  • Make sure you bring them to all retainer check appointments.  It’s hard to check a retainer when it’s at home in your drawer.
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