At East Tennessee Orthodontics we understand that every patient’s journey to a fantastic smile is unique but there is always an optimal time to begin this journey. The American Association of Orthodontist recommends an orthodontic examination by AGE 7.  This is an important age because we can begin to get a picture of how your child’s adult teeth and jaws are developing.  To help you understand if and when your child needs orthodontic treatment we have written this free informational guide.


At age 7 your visit of East Tennessee Orthodontics just involves a quick complimentary exam and x-ray and becoming a part of our exciting 7&up club program.  This program involves observation of future potential problems with the teeth, jaws, or gums.  We make it easy and fun to partner with your family as part of a healthy lifestyle for your child.


The most common treatments for kids are:



This is most of our kids.  Joining our 7&up club and participating in a complementary exam every 6 months to make sure teeth, jaws, and bones are growing properly.


Phase 1 Treatment

Placing a few braces to correct simple problems before they develop into major ones.  Our goal is to get your child in and out of braces quickly and make sure future problems are minimal if any.



Slowly widening the upper arch to make space for teeth and allow the back teeth to fit together properly.  Don’t worry, we’ll answer any when, why, and how questions if we recommend this orthodontic device.

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